IT Services and Solutions

Our specialized IT services include the following…

Network Design and Implementation

We can help you design a network that sense for your business. We start off with an assessment to make the best use of your existing infrastructure- both hardware and software. Our solutions can range from a simple peer-to-peer network, to a complete server/workstation(s) environment.

Hardware and Software Sales

We can evaluate your current hardware and software assets and provide you with a recommended update or an upgrade solution.

Maintenance and Upgrades/patches

Computer systems (servers, workstations, etc..) require maintenance, just like changing the oil on your car!  Keeping your network updated is important to minimize downtime, reduce attacks and keeps the network running at peak performance.

Customizable maintenance plans to work with your requirements and budget can include:

  • 24×7 network monitoring via systems notifications.  This provide us real time status of critical system events so that issues are proactively addressed.
  • Quarterly security/patches updates, hard disk status and defragment as needed, review system events, data backups, network router/firewall logs and data restorability.
  • Clean server/workstations every 6 months. Remove system covers and clean heat sinks, fans, system board components and enclosure.  Excessive dust/lint build up is a fire hazard and causes system to run hotter which in turn shorten the life of the computer/server.
  • Renew antivirus/malware as a standalone installation per workstation or a managed solution through your server with system notifications.

Data Protection

Data protection may be the most import aspect of your business! Damaged hardware can be replaced, corrupted software can be re-installed or patched, however your data is not easily replaceable. Data protection should not be an afterthought!

We can recommend and provide a backup solution that provides the security it needs to recover in the event of hardware failure or data corruption. We can also assist with recovering data from a crashed system. We can assess your system and provide a quote for your data recovery.

Network Security

Network security is growing concern with new threats being introduced daily. The “Leave It Alone” approach leads to compromising the network, systems and data. Security is best applied in multiple layers (firewall, vulnerability assessments, malware and antivirus/malware solution).


Email accounts setup and configured (POP3, IMAP or Microsoft Exchange) for your computer systems, tablets and smartphones.

Wireless Solutions

Wireless options can range from printers, wireless access points (WAP), tablets, smartphones and many more. Convenience and less wiring clutter is always good, however not always the best solution. Call us and we’ll be happy to discuss your application and make a recommendation.

Website/Hosting and Domain Name

Your website may be the first thing your prospective client may see.  We can provide and assist with the entire process, which includes the following;

We Create Fully Connected Systems So You Can Focus On Your Business

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